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What are you thinking right now? 

What thought lingers in your mind?

We like to think our thoughts are entirely private and our own. 


Meet Mark A. Gibson


From the Magic Castle in Hollywood to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Mark A. Gibson is very quickly becoming one of the most sought after Mentalists in America. Mark’s show is a night of interactive psychological illusions like you’ve never seen before. 


Predicting a lottery, Reading EVERYONE's Mind, Seeing without his Eyes are only a fraction of what Mark brings onstage every night. This isn't a show you watch... IT'S A SHOW YOU DO!


PIN Codes, Memories, Dreams, Names, Drawings... 

nothing is safe in your mind. 



Welcome to a show where your Mind

isn't the only one playing tricks on you...


What is

a mentalist?






Mentalism is a style of performance art which takes your 5 known senses to create the illusion of a 6th sense. 

Corporate events



& More

From cocktail hours to corporate fundraisers, treat your guests to a unique  experience with a mind-bending mentalist.

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